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Customs and Border Protection Mobile Field Force Individual Operator Kits

Project Summary

CLIENT: Customs and Border Protection (CBP) 

PROJECT: Mobile Field Force Individual Operator Kits

DESTINATION: 19 Field Office Locations

SCOPE: 461 Kits – 8,298 Items, 14,752 lbs. of Equipment


Logistics Coordination by Priority 

Packing Design and Integration

Custom Bags and Helmets

Small Footprint, Easy Deployment


CBP needed to obtain all-inclusive PPE kits for personnel safety during civil unrest missions. The kits needed organization of personal, size specific, protective equipment including custom, ventless helmets, wheeled bags, batons, and gas masks, delivered to 19 field offices across the US. Kits should support a single officer and provide easily deployed personal protection.


  • Outfit 461 Officers with PPE Equipment

  • Easy Access, Repack, and Deployment

  • Single Officer, Complete PPE Kit

  • Field to 19 Locations, in Priority Order 


AARDVARK worked with the CBP to source, build, and field 461 Individual Civil Unrest Kits to 19 Locations in the US. The custom manufactured, color coded, wheeled cases were internally sectioned for secure packaging of the equipment and to simplify transport. The contents consist of ventless, non-ballistic riot helmets, face shields, batons, shin guards, forearm protection, restraints, and gas masks. The bags had red or blue webbing sewn to the ends to signify the equipment sizes and were also tagged on the exterior with an item list for visibility. Included was an internal drawing of where items were packed, as well as a quality checklist to ensure items were accounted for. All bills of lading, tracking, packing lists, check sheets, and proofs of delivery for every CBP location were provided to the Program for their records. The MFF Individual Civil Unrest Kits are currently deployed in field use. The contract was completed in May of 2022.

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