La Verne, CA – AARDVARK confirmed rumors today that they have been collaborating on an advanced tactical armor system with The Safariland Group and several other unnamed industry leading armor component manufacturers. Although few details are being provided at this time, AARDVARK’s CEO, Jon Becker, did confirm that the name of the effort is “Project 7” and that its first product will be a ground up redesign of the tactical vest which will be unveiled to the public January 7, 2016, in advance of the SHOT show.

Speaking publicly about the project for the first time, Becker said, “It is simply time for the state of the art in tactical armor to jump forward. When I look at the tactical armor currently available it looks too much like what we sold 20 years ago. Although there are a variety of incredible technologies currently being used, they are all being used independently rather than together. As a product integrator, AARDVARK’s role is to look at all of the best technologies available and ask ourselves, ‘How can we put them together to make the best possible solution for our end users?’ We feel like it is time for some out of the box thinking which will yield a revolutionary new tactical armor system. For this project we have partnered with The Safariland Group, because they are the industry leader in armored products and design.”

Todd Mackler, VP of Armor for The Safariland Group stated about the project, “We have worked with AARDVARK for almost two decades, but we have never partnered on a project of this scale. The idea of partnering an industry leading armor manufacturer with an industry leading integrator is new and Safariland is very optimistic that the end result of this project will be a tactical operator who is not only safer, but whose armor is dramatically lighter, more comfortable, and more flexible.”

More details are expected to be released as the Project 7 launch date nears. All Project 7 updates will be released at www.project7armor.com as soon as they are available. A video which appears to show a prototype of the vest has already been posted.

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