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Developed by SKY-HERO, this suite has expanded to include payloads and accessories that work interchangeably with LOKI and SIGYN; a robotics suite that operates from a single GCS controller.

TYPHON Noise Flash Diversionary Device, LED & Laser Diversionary Device, and Tactical Wrist Monitor


The KBT from KINETIC BREACHING TECHNOLOGIES is a mechanical breaching tool that bridges the gap between traditional mechanical breaching, shotgun breaching and explosive entry.

The KBT is a powder actuated kinetic energy forced entry tool that utilizes a proprietary .45 caliber blank. With an 8-round cylinder, the KBT allows for faster multi-door entries.

Project7 SPR

The NEW Scalable Plate Rack (SPR) from PROJECT7 ARMOR is purpose-built to provide scalability from a plate rack to an entry vest, and configurability allowing you to change your loadout to fit your mission.

High-Risk Entries, Linear Assaults, Vertical Access, Aerial Platform, Rural Operations

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