La Verne, CA – AARDVARK is excited to announce the launch of PROJECT 7 Armor. Designed in collaboration with The Safariland Group and utilizing cutting edge technologies from several industry leaders including Blue Force Gear, Honeywell, and Dupont, PROJECT 7 is the first full coverage tactical armor system that doesn’t compromise safety for comfort. Designed to be lighter, flexible, comfortable, and more athletic, PROJECT 7 achieves what other tactical vests have failed to do – provide both mobility and coverage.

PROJECT 7 hosts an array of unique features including an external flexible yoke designed for full range of motion, a prone position compatible collar, Safariland’s patent pending angular webless MOLLE, and structured upper arm protection sized to each user.

AARDVARK’s CEO Jon Becker stated “For PROJECT 7, we started with a blank piece of paper. We looked at every design aspect of the vest and asked ourselves, ‘How can we make this better?’ Then, we took that design and made it out of only the absolute best technologies available across the industry. We’re ecstatic to finally have PROJECT 7 reach the tactical market. ”

Todd Mackler, VP of Armor for the Safariland Group echoed Becker’s sentiment saying, “We are very excited for PROJECT 7 to finally be launching. We considered an unprecedented amount of client feedback in the development of this armor system, and I believe PROJECT 7 will not only meet the needs of our clients, but will also help the tactical community to be dramatically safer.”

In addition to PROJECT 7 Armor, the revolutionary P7ARMOR.COM was launched this morning. The first interactive website in the industry, the site was designed to allow users to have an in-depth understanding of all of the innovative key components of PROJECT 7. Not only are visitors able to view vests in 360°, but perhaps more importantly, users have the ability to configure their own vest to their exact specifications including color options, ballistic packages, rifle plates, accessories, and even custom ID patches, and then download or share the spec sheet for their specific configuration.


AARDVARK only sells to government agencies.