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LOKI Mk2 Orientation

The following video was created to assist new SKY-HERO LOKI MK2 operators with a basic understanding of the aircraft’s function and capabilities. ALL TRAINING VIDEOS ARE COURTESY OF: L.A. REGIONAL TRAINING CENTER

LOKI – Analog Radio

An overview of the LOKI’s two different onboard radio systems – one for the command and control of the aircraft and one for the transmission of video and audio.

LOKI – Video Channels

How to maximize your LOKI’s video power and video channel options using the settings on your GCS controller.

LOKI – How to Stream

Broadcasting video from your LOKI Mk2 and maintaining operational security through data transmission directly from the aircraft to the GCS controller.

Person talking about the LOKI Mk.2 and the ducts on the propellers

Props & Ducts

How to recognize when to replace your LOKI Mk2 propellers and ducts and procedures for replacement.


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