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National Guard Reaction Force Crowd Control Support Modules

Project Summary

CLIENT: National Guard Reaction Force (NGRF) 

PROJECT: Crowd Control Support Modules (CCSM)

DESTINATION: 54 US States and Territories

SCOPE: 287 Sets – 85,813 Items, 287 Containers, 981,540 Lbs. of Equipment

SCOPE (Update): 90 Sets – 26,910 Items, 90 Containers, 307,800 Lbs. of Equipment


Logistics Coordination

Serial Number Tracking

Packing Design and Integration

Small Footprint with Separate Training Module


The US National Guard needed updated Crowd Control Support Modules (CCSM) fielded to every state and territory, each to support about 30 soldiers.  The sets were required to contain enough equipment for the users to conduct 4 separate missions while keeping the smallest and lightest footprint possible.  The operational Modules are housed separately from training, for ease of deployment use.


  • Smallest Footprint for Operational, Riot Control Equipment

  • Four Separate Capabilities Addressed within one System

  • 30-Person Equipment Response per Set

  • Field to all 54 States and Territories 


AARDVARK worked with the NGRF- National Guard Bureau in Arlington, VA to design, build, and field 287 Crowd Control Support Modules to all 54 states and territories. Included in this system are four separate capabilities (modules), Squad PPE, Squad Operational Equipment, Command Control, and Training.  These modules were housed in quadruple containers, with customized racking systems, and internal drawers for organized equipment storage.  Each of the CCSM systems consisted of a single quadruple container and two, four-person carry cases to ensure the smallest possible footprint for these 30-person sets.  Each system was stenciled with the state to which it was assigned, with internal diagrams for ease of repack, and product serialization was captured, saved, and provided to the Program.  The contract was completed in January 2020, and the systems are currently deployed in field use.  

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